Pacific Beachcomber

Renewable Energy

Like other French Polynesian islands,on Tetiaroawe have implemented a number of innovative programs and new technologies to help us achieve our goal of carbon neutrality:

  • Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC) harnesses the cold of the ocean depths to provide low-energy, highly efficient cooling for all the buildings, reducing energy demands by almost 70%.
  • Solar energy produced from photovoltaic solar panels along the airstrip provide over half of the resort’s remaining energy needs (showing how to make typically unused space like this productive) and solar heating provides all of the resort’s hot water.
  • A coconut oil (biofuel) power station provide the other half of the resort’s energy needs. Fueled by locally produced coconut oil, this renewable power source will also support the local economy.
  • Flow-batteries for storage of energy generated from solar power are made primarily from recyclable materials and have a service life of thousands of deep discharge cycles.

Additionally, hot water for the resort will be produced using solar energy instead of traditional water heaters that burn fossil fuels, and an innovative wastewater management system will filter liquid wastewater into water that will be used for irrigation.

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