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Marlon Brando's Atoll

The Brando is a luxury eco-resort featuring 35 private villas on the eponymous actor's remote private island, twenty minutes by air from Tahiti. The resort will be fully self sustaining with renewable sources of non-fossil energy and is expected to achieve LEED Platinum certification.


The atoll of Tetiaroa belongs to the estate of the late Marlon Brando. At the actor’s request, the atoll’s development has been entrusted to Pacific Beachcomber. The Tetiaroa project, known as Marlon Brando’s private island, was inspired by Brando’s desire to develop his island with respect for environmental protection. He especially insisted on preserving its cultural richness, its natural beauty, and the incredible biodiversity of this atoll.

The Brando on Tetiaora from Pacific Beachcomber on Vimeo.

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