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Le Maitai Lapita Village – Huahine


If you’re searching for an unforgettable vacation in a place both authentic and mystical, Maitai Lapita Village welcomes you to the island of Huahine, known for preserving its places in their wild state. Be seduced by the richness of this island, its history and cutlural heritage, the stunning scenery, beaches and marine life. Don’t forget to visit the archaeological sites and hear from the Polynesians the wonderful secrets which abound in Huahine. Le Maitai Lapita Village – Huahine is EarthCheck Bronze certified.

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Category: 3 stars
Island: Huahine
Hotel Management & Services – Maitai Hotels
Capacity: 32 rooms
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Inspired by ancient Polynesian villages and “fare va’a” (ancient houses of Polynesian canoes), Le Maitai Lapita Village – Huahine features 32 air-conditioned bungalows:

  • 15 Premium Lake bungalows
  • 5 Premium Garden bungalows
  • 12 Garden bungalows

Over the past forty years, many objects dated between 850 and 1450 A.D. have been discovered on these archaeological sites. Historical facts related to the Hotel Maitai Lapita Village are shared through the chronological exhibition of paintings and various works of art in the exhibition gallery of the hotel, but also through visits to places of research and discovery of archaeological artifacts. With the aim of combining nature and culture, consistent with the island of Huahine itself, indigenous medicinal plants and trees are part of the landscape of the village of the hotel, as well as food crops (taro, cassava, fafa, banana, papaya, vanilla…) and ornamental plants.

The island of Huahine offers many cultural and tourist attractions. Over thirty “marae” (traditional temples) have been restored and constitute one of the finest concentrations of ancient religious sites in French Polynesia. Notable are the sites of Maeva, located just a few kilometers from the hotel, where on the edge of the lagoon ancient fish traps are still in place. The island is also known for its preserved character, and a simple walk around the island affords one a complete immersion in the local atmosphere. Huahine also offers a range of water sports revealing the natural setting of this island paradise: exploring the lagoon, discovering the underwater fauna and flora, sunset cruises, deep-sea fishing, as well as surfing on one of the best waves in French Polynesia. Lastly, Huahine is the starting point each year in October or November, for the largest multi-stage outrigger canoe race in the Pacific, the Hawaiki Nui Va’a.

The choice of materials was guided by the desire to create a luxury hotel village combining local traditional materials with modern and recycled materials. The Maitai Lapita Village is the newest of the Maitai hotels and is EarthCheck Silver certified. An array of solar panels provides over a third of the electricity needed to operate the facility.

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